The Adventure Bar Group is one of the most dynamic bar companies in London, and soon to be UK. After 15+ years they have built a successful portfolio of bars in the bustling areas of Covent Garden, Waterloo, Shoreditch, Clapham and Birmingham.

The Adventure Bar Group began its journey back in 2005, founded by friends Bryan Lloyd, Thomas Kidd, Tobias Jackson and Kieron Botting with a vision to live, breathe, work and go above and beyond for everyone who visits their bars. To constantly evolve their offering, to satisfy the expressed and unexpressed needs of their guests and to consistently exceed expectations.

Known for thinking outside the box, from events to activations to interiors, Adventure Bar Group are always looking to make an impact and set themselves apart from the crowd. Tonight Josephine took the Tinder world by storm with the infamous neon sign “Well Behaved Women Don’t Make History”, now instantly recognisable across the UK. Winter 2019 saw them installing a temporary ice rink…on the rooftop as part of an initiative to raise awareness for Bar Elba as a winter venue as well as a summer venue.

The portfolio currently boasts the below bars and brands:

  • Bar Elba – Rooftop Bar Waterloo
  • Tonight Josephine – Waterloo, Shoreditch & Birmingham
  • The Escapologist – Seven Dials
  • Blame Gloria – Covent Garden
  • Nikki’s – Shoreditch
  • Luna Springs – Birmingham
  • Adventure Bar – Clapham Junction & Clapham High Street

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